The Use of European Internet Communication Properties for IP Geolocation

Dan Komosny, Miroslav Voznak, Sergey Bezzateev, Kathiravelu Ganeshan


IP Geolocation is a term used for finding the geographical location of an IP node. In this paper, we study the Internet communication properties and their use for client-independent Geolocation - finding the location without assistance of the node being located. We present and discuss the communication properties dependence on geographical aspects such as the geographical distance, differences between the source and destination country, and country population density and country ICT development index. For the study, we used a large set of data captured between the nodes geographically distributed across Europe. Based on the results, we propose an algorithm for a final location estimation within the delimited geographical area. The proposed algorithm improves the location accuracy when compared with the current techniques.



location; geolocation; client; independent; IP; Internet; latency; hop; measurement; population; ICT development index; PlanetLab

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Online ISSN: 2335-884X